Two Perfect and Yummi Weeks…

13-07-2013-435After four months of planning… my Wedding day arrived! It was a small event with only family and close friends but it was still a dream day…

The wedding took place in Sintra, Portugal, in the Lawrence’s Hotel. Lord Byron, who used to stay in the Lawrence’s, described Sintra as a “glorious Eden” and I totally subscribe that… Lawrence’s Hotel is the oldest hotel of the Iberian Peninsula (1764) and it’s full of charm and history.

Although it rained and I was terribly late for the wedding, everything went perfectly…


And the food was amazing!!!

  • Leek Cream Soup
  • Browned Salmon with Spinach, Saffron Cream and Chives
  • Pork Loin with Black Plums and Cepes Mushrooms Sauce
  • Small Cheese Cake Pie of Sintra with Lemon Sorbet
  • Lemon and Poppy Seeds Wedding Cake with Chocolate Filling



After this magic day we were off to Italy!

We started our trip in Venice at Moresco Hotel. It was divine! The city is lovely and so romantic… You find a beautiful canal in every corner!


Since fresh fish and seafood isn’t easily available in the UK, I tried to eat as much as I could in Venice! Also tried my first gnocchi. It was quite good! You find amazing places by the canals with good and quite affordable food.


After two days of chilling and kissing in Romantic Venice we departed to Rome!

Rome seems like a city built by giants. You find a historical building, a church or a fountain in every street or square! It’s a majestic city.


We walked all over Rome until our feet hurt… But it was worth it! Specially loved the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica.


Here I had some fine fish and seafood rice, pizza and a LOT of ice creams. Ice creams are everywhere and they are amazing! Most of them are made out of organic ingredients and really taste like fruit.


Another amazing thing in Italy is the coffee. Being Portuguese I love a strong and tasty espresso. In Italy both espresso and cappuccino were really tasty and strong without being overwhelming.


Definitely recommend Venice and Rome to every food lover!

As a souvenir I brought some pasta and a recipe book. Will be trying some new recipes soon…


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