Balloon Festival

DSC_0266This last week has been crazy dissertation wise… I hardly had time to eat, let alone cook…

Nevertheless, last Saturday we went to the Balloon Festival here in Bristol. We arrived there around 4p.m. and, after a couple of hours and some air acrobats later, the launching of the balloons started!

I’m typically not a big fan of balloons but this is a really impressive and dazzling event! As the balloons started to inflate and fly, the grey sky was filled with colourful balloons.

I always feel quite small and amazed with the human industriousness every time I see something like this.DSC_0401

Lovely day overall! Also had our picnic and our balloon cake! It was a plain lemon sponge cake decorated with some sugar paste and chocolate paste.

I used an hemisphere cake pan to bake the balloon itself and used a cupcake paper case to fill the down part of the balloon. Covered it with some light pink sugar paste and decorated it with some white and pink sugar paste stars. For the basket I used a small rectangular cake tin. Covered it with some chocolate paste decorated with yellow sugar paste hearts. I connected the two parts with some long wooden skewers covered with white sugar paste. It looked really cool!


If you like baking and playing with cakes I do recommend that you take a look at these two stores (Squires and Lakeland) which have some really amazing utensils and ingredients!


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