Lovely Lunch by the River

IMG_8817Bristol is such a lovely city… Especially when it’s sunny!

Today we had a cool sunny day and decided to go for lunch by the river. Went to this really delicious tapas restaurant, The Olive Shed.

I went there four times already and was never disappointed! It’s the perfect place to go for a light lunch or a romantic dinner.

The staff is really nice and, on a less crowded day, you can even chat with them and find out about the products’ origins. They serve a lot of good quality Spanish products and they even have a Portuguese “Green Wine” on their list!

They also offer a vast selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes which is a plus for many people. Additionally, their cocktails are quite nice and typically have a slight twist which make them really tasty.

Today we had Olive Shed Patatas Bravas with Aioli, Caramelised Red Onion Hummus with Bread, Chorizo & Morcilla Cooked in Manzanilla Sherry, Sweet Potato, Spinach & Feta Cakes with Aioli and Harissa Marinated Chicken with Olive Tapenade.

Their Patatas Bravas are a must! We have them every time we go there. The potatoes are freshly and perfectly cooked. Crunchy outside and soft inside, topped with a rich red sauce and aioli.IMG_8740

The hummus was very creamy and full of chunks of caramelised and sweet red onions that removed the hummus typical acidity. It’s a lush and rich hummus that you can eat even without bread… Although the bread was also quite yummi! A mixture of fresh white and cereal bread sprinkled with a bit of olive oil.IMG_8778

The Chorizo & Morcilla are to die for… especially the Morcilla. It’s a rich and grainy black pudding that reminds me of the Portuguese Rice Black Pudding in which, by adding a big portion of rice to the black pudding, you get a rich and less meaty flavour. The Olive Shed’s Morcilla on its own is delicious and enough to make your day but the rich Manzanilla Sherry sauce they put on it really makes it perfect…IMG_8737

The Cakes were also very well cooked. Crunchy outside without being oily. Inside you get a sweet orange filling that is soft but at the same time has consistency, it’s not a cream but something you can bite and let it melt into your mouth. The aioli on the side completes it perfectly with a pinch of acidity.IMG_8732

And finally the Chicken and Olive Tapenade. The chicken was well seasoned and good but the real star there was the olive tapenade! The black olives were chopped finely and you can still feel the resistance of the olives when you bite it… Yummy!IMG_8762

It was a perfect meal by the sun with a glass of Portuguese Green Wine for me and a Gin & Tonic with elderflower and a bit of orange and lemon for Ricky. Do try this place in case you are in Bristol! Five stars!!!IMG_8704